START Project is a family of skilled artists, builders, welders, riggers, painters, designers, and banana enthusiasts who come together for one common purpose — to create art, not for profit or ego, but to connect with community and promote creativity.

START Project was born out of Lucidity Festival’s Nomads’ Nook, which is one of the seven set village environments built at the festival each year. The crew has been building together in the Nook for the past 5 years. After operating under the alias of the Wild Monkeys of Nomads’ Nook year after year, we decided it was time to break out from under the Lucidity umbrella and create an independent collective that has blossomed into an eclectic group of banana-loving, high-functioning, dream-chasing environment builders. We are START Project.

Our core values are sustainability, inclusion, equality, and love… for bananas and primates of all shapes and sizes . Art comes in many forms; so do artists. Our group is made strong by its inclusive spirit and heterogenous mix of talents. Since the very beginning, sourcing upcycled materials and developing modular and reusable structures has been at the heart of our builds.  Sustainability is absolutely key– from inception, to material selection, to construction, to strike.  In the end, the goal is always to leave it better than we found it.